Diethylene glycol dimethyl ether-d14 (diglyme-d14)

NMR- data

Chemical shift [ppm] (Multiplicity) Coupling constants [Hz]
1H 3.49 (br)
3.40 (br)
3.22 (5)


13C 70.7 (5)
70 (5)
57.7 (5)
J(C,D) 21

Physical data

Formula  C6D14O3
Molecular weight [g/mol]  148.26
Density (d420)  0.95
Melting point [°C]  -68
Boiling point [°C]  162
Inflammation temperature [°C]
Refraction index (nD20)
Dynamic viscosity (20°C) [mPa s]
Magnetic suszeptibility (20°C)
Dielectrical constant
Dipole momentum [D]
Polarity [kJ/mol]
Donor strength [kJ/mol]

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