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With NMRTables I finished my first Android app . I have used AppInventor to do this and there especially the Web viewer module. This means that the app fetches its data from my server. This has the advantage that incorporated any necessary corrections quickly and not the app needs to be updated as such.

Before I pay a developer account for $25 ( I do not want money for my app and also any subsequent projects) I would be happy if testers would find . I deposited for this purpose the apk file here .

Currently, this app contains data for the analysis of NMR spectra (already the name says ) . A series of 1H chemical shifts but also the expected range for 13C , 15N , 31P and other nuclei as well as data of deuterated solvents.

I am planning for a future release further tables , but I must first of all create and validate . In addition, the AppInventor to get a version change and with the new version to old projects can not continue to work . I want to look at me once , what is to come. In addition, the app also designed to be a little more appealing , so I can still go a bit more I have to be incorporated.

Here are some screenshoots, made with my kidle fire HD tablet:
2013-11-06 08.42.17 2013-11-06 08.42.33 2013-11-06 08.42.44 2013-11-06 08.43.03 2013-11-06 08.43.09

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