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Trifluoroacetic acid-d1

NMR- data Chemical shift [ppm] (multiplicity) Coupling constants [Hz] 1H 11.5 1J(C,F) 283 13C 116.5 (4) 2J(C,F) 44 164.4 (4) 19F -78.5(CFCl3 = 0) H2O/HOD Shift 11.5   Physical data Formula C2DF3O2 Molecular weight [g/mol] 115.03 Density (d420) 1.5 Melting point [°C] -15 Boiling point [°C] 71 Inflammation temperature [°C] – Refraction index (nD20) 1.285 …

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My first android app NMRTables

With NMRTables I finished my first Android app . I have used AppInventor to do this and there especially the Web viewer module. This means that the app fetches its data from my server. This has the advantage that incorporated any necessary corrections quickly and not the app needs to be updated as such. Before …

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Welcome to my english pages. The most of this pages are translated from german.