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Ask A Scientist -Chemistry Archive more than 3000 qustions and answers around chemistry (Hits: 672)    
Atomic Scale Design Network(ASDN) We welcome you to the ASDN.NET web portal, which will provide you with a lot of interesting information about physics, chemistry and the biology of materials and their applications in technology and every day life while uncovering the deepest roots of phenomena hidden in the atomic structure of matter. (Hits: 1400)    
Chemgaroo Multimediale Lernmaterialien zur Chemie und angrenzenden Fächern vom FIZ Berlin. (Hits: 1659)    
Chemical Education Digital Library ChemEd DL aims to provide exemplary digital resources, tools, and online services to aid in teaching and learning chemistry. A collaborative, community-driven effort, we provide a destination for all those interested in chemistry to share what they know so that others may learn. (Hits: 727)    
Chemistry Powerpoints some chemistry related Powerpoints (Hits: 576)    
Chemistry Tutorials and Drills These pages are designed for AP, IB, A-Level & 1st year university students of chemistry trying to get to grips with the subject. Topics currently covered are: The recognition of simple organic functional groups, molecular shapes, nomenclature and balancing chemical reaction equations. (Hits: 815)    
Doc Brown Chemistry Homepage of my website for school-college-academy on-line Science-Chemistry Revision help since 2000 (Hits: 651)    
Joachims Quantenwelt Eigentlich mehr physikalisch ausgerichtet, ist diese Seite auch für Chemiker, die sich über Physik informieren wollen, sehr interessant. (Hits: 3042)    
Mr Kent's chemistry Page some videos and links (Hits: 530)    
Practical Chemistry This website provides all teachers of chemistry with a wide range of experiments to illustrate concepts or processes, as starting-points for investigations and for enhancement activities such as club or open day events. It also enables the sharing of skills and experience of making experiments work in the classroom. Lots of information for technicians too. (Hits: 889)