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EMSL Basis Set Exchange The Basis Set Exchange (BSE) provides a web-based user interface for downloading and uploading Gaussian-type (GTO) basis sets, including effective core potentials (ECPs), from the EMSL Basis Set Library. It provides an improved user interface and capabilities over its predecessor, the EMSL Basis Set Order Form, for exploring the contents of the EMSL Basis Set Library. The popular Basis Set Order Form and underlying Basis Set Library were originally developed by Dr. David Feller and have been available from the EMSL webpages since 1994. (Hits: 1305)    
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Pitzer Center for Theoretical Chemistry Established in 1999, the Kenneth S. Pitzer Center for Theoretical Chemistry is a facility and program to promote excellence in theoretical chemistry by enhancing the education and research of students. The center provides an integrated research environment to foster interactions and collaborations across groups. (Hits: 189)    
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The Sherill Group Our goal is to apply the principles of quantum mechanics and electronic structure theory to address problems in physical, organic, inorganic, and biological chemistry. (Hits: 608)    
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