Chalmers University of Technology Department of Physical Chemistry (Hits: 1078)    
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel Institut für Physikalische Chemie (Hits: 683)    
Comenius University - Bratislava Department of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (Hits: 1230)    
DSL Chemicals - Fine Chemicals & Intermediates One of the main supplier of fine chemicals, API(s), intermediates of pharmaceuticals and custom manufacturing (Hits: 1063)    
Photonic Band Gap Links a excellete ressource listing about phtonic crystals (Hits: 1069)    
Physikalische Chemie / Prozessgrundlagen Thermodynamik - Zustandsgleichungen - Reaktionsgleichgewichte - Phasengleichgewichte V-L(-L) - Destillation - Reaktionskinetik Auswertung experimenteller Daten (Darstellung, Test, Fitting) ---- Thermodynamics - Equations of State - Chemical Reaction Equilibrium - Phase Equilibrium V-L(-L) Distillation - Chemical Kinetics - Processing of Experimental Data (Hits: 102)    
Rheologie und Rheometrie (Hits: 1198)    
Russian Academy of Sciences Department of Computing and Informational Resources - Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics (Hits: 1257)    
RWTH Aachen Institut für Physikalische Chemie (Hits: 387)    
Technical University of Denmark MEMPHYS - Membrane and Statistical Physics Group (Hits: 1374)    
Uni Tübingen Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (Hits: 1348)    
Universidad de Extremadura Physical Chemistry Department (Hits: 500)    
Universidad de Granada Physical Chemistry (Hits: 706)    
Universität K?ln Institut für Physikalische Chemie (Hits: 682)    
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