Arthur Cammers-Goodwin Research Group "We study and design molecular recognition on the basis of ""predictable"" conformational preferences in water. The primary design parameters in the control of functional conformation and molecular behavior are hydrophobic, hydrogen bonding and coulombi" (Hits: 1470)    
chemical exporter we are a leading chemical manufacturer and exporter internaitonal (Hits: 1048)    
Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel Institut für Organische Chemie (Hits: 1483)    
Combinatorial Chemistry Methods, principles and application of combinatorial chemistry (Hits: 1443)    
Comenius University, Bratislava - V Organic Chemistry Department (Hits: 1078)    
CrudeOils.Com Crude oils (petroleums) for education and research. (Hits: 1398)    
E?tv?s Lor?nd University Department of Organic Chemistry (Hits: 1247)    
ECTOC Electronic Conference on Trends in Organic Chemistry (Hits: 1360)    
Erik's Chemistry: High School Chemistry Notes Student made page with information about Chemistry, AP Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Great for studying and review of material. Plenty of chemistry notes and diagrams. (Hits: 2064)    
Explosive PXD Explosives - Chemistry, Theory and Technology of Propellants, Explosives, Pyrotechnics and Safety (Hits: 1086)    
Fuel Colors Solvent dyes for Plastic,Paints,Soaps,Gasoline,Diesel,Kerosene,lubricants (Hits: 746)    
GLYCOSCI bionet.glycosci Newsgroup Archive (Hits: 647)    
Institut für Organische Chemie der TU Braunschweig (Hits: 765)    
Isomerie bei Organischen Verbindungen Eine Einf?hrung (Hits: 659)    
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz Institut für Chemie - Organische Chemie (Hits: 827)    
LOBA Feinchemie AG Loba, an independent Austrian company, is located in Fischamend, 5 minutes from Vienna International Airport. The world?s largest pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies are our business partners through out Europe and North America. (Hits: 828)    
N.D.Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (Hits: 844)    
Named Reactions in Organic Chemistry (Hits: 930)    
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Organic Chemistry Labotatory University of Ferrara (Hits: 648)    
Organische-Chemie.ch an organic chemistry information site (Hits: 570)    
organische-chemie.ch Portal zur Organsichen Chemie mit Programm zur Verschiebungsberechnung/ Organic chemistry Portal with chemical shift calculator (Hits: 514)    
Palacky University Olomouc Department of Organic Chemistry (Hits: 927)    
RACI Organic Chemistry Division RACI Organic Chemistry Division home page (Hits: 473)    
Ruhr- Uni Bochum Arbeitskreis von Prof. Dr. M. Feigel - enth?lt sch?ne Erkl?rung des NOE und andere interessante Angebote (Hits: 617)    
Schanze Research Group University of Florida (Hits: 666)    
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