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Bio-NMR Bio-NMR is a project financed by the European Commission’s Framework Programme 7 (FP7) that aims to further the structuring of the Biological NMR infrastructures, their user community and biological NMR research in Europe into a coherent research community prepared to tackle scientific and biomedical challenges of increasing complexity at the forefront of research worldwide. (Hits: 139)    
CABM Protein NMR Rutgers University (Hits: 603)    
Case Group Scripps Research Institute (Hits: 581)    
CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Didcot National Solid State Biological NMR Facility (Hits: 449)    
Centre for Material Research with MR Eindhoven University of Technology (Hits: 456)    
Chazin Group Scripps Research Institute (Hits: 404)    
COLMAR Complex Mixture Analysis by NMR (Hits: 70)    
Columbia University: Palmer Group (Hits: 379)    
East NMR EAST-NMR - Enhancing Access and Services to East European users Towards an efficient and coordinated Pan-European pool of NMR capacities to enable global collaborative research & boost technological advancements (Hits: 132)    
eMagRes eMagRes, previously published as the Encyclopedia of Magnetic Resonance (Hits: 105)    
Emory University NMR Home- Page (Hits: 406)    
ETH Zürich Wüthrich Group (Hits: 645)    
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences NMR Laboratory (University of Florida) (Hits: 328)    
Instituto de Estructura de la Materia Madrid (Hits: 523)    
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Division of Magnetic Resonance Research (Hits: 320)    
Leiden University Solid State NMR/Biophysical Organic Chemistry (Hits: 418)    
Lewis Kay's Group University Toronto (Hits: 360)    
Masaryk University NMR Laboratory (Hits: 338)    
N M R F A M NMR Home- Page (Hits: 358)    
N. D. Zelinsky Institut NMR Center (Hits: 321)    
NANUC National High Field Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Center (Cananda) (Hits: 384)    
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases - The Ad Bax Group (Hits: 662)    
NHMFL National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (Hits: 553)    
NMR dictionary The present database provides you with the explanation of more than 300 acronyms used in NMR. (Hits: 261)    
NMR Information Server (Hits: 455)    
NMR Ramblings - Klaus Eichele contains a Converter between Shift Tensor Conventions Quadrupolar Parameters (Hits: 707)    
NMR Resources CING,NRG-CING, ICING (Hits: 115)    
NMR Wiki The goal of this site is to provide a collaborative informational resource to Spectroscopists, Chemists, Biologists and others using magnetic resonance techniques. Access to the content is and will remain free of charge to anyone. (Hits: 1459)    
Oxford University Biomembrane Structure Unit (Hits: 428)    
Pines Lab (Hits: 523)    
Quadrupole coupling in NMR A great page about solid state NMR (Hits: 1264)    
Radboud University of Nijmegen High Field Magnet Laboratory (HFML) (Hits: 286)    
Rossgroup NMR Homepage (Hits: 367)    
Slovenian NMR Center National Institute of Chemistry (Hits: 305)    
Southern Illinois University Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (Hits: 373)    
Spronk NMR Protein NMR Structure Service (Hits: 81)    
TU München AK Kessler - NMR Home- Page (Hits: 297)    
Universität Bremen Chemische Ökologie Höherer Pilze- Professor Dr. Peter Spiteller; Der Schwerpunkt unserer Arbeit liegt in den Bereichen der Bioorganischen Chemie, HPLC-Trennungen und der Strukturaufklärung durch NMR (Kernresonanzspektroskopie) und MS (Massenspektrometrie). (Hits: 389)    
Universität Hannover Organische Chemie, NMR-Spektroskopie, AK Prof. Dr. H. Duddeck (Hits: 271)    
University College London LICR/UCL Joint NMR Laboratory (Hits: 619)    
University Essen NMR Abteilung (Hits: 315)    
University Leipzig Prof. Berger's Group (Hits: 317)    
University of California-Davis NMR Facility HomePage (Hits: 361)    
University of Californian -San Francisco, Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (Hits: 423)    
University of Guelph NMR Centre (Hits: 366)    
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Beckman-Institute-Biomedical Imaging Center (Hits: 318)    
University of Leeds Centre of Medical Imaging Research (Hits: 344)    
University of Manitoba Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Lab; Home of Spinworks (Hits: 86)    
University of Minnesota Duluth NMR Lab (Hits: 341)    
University of Nebraska-Lincoln NMR- Lab (Hits: 329)    
University of New Mexico Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility (Hits: 372)    
University of Queensland Centre for Advanced Imaging (Hits: 412)    
University of Siegen NMR divison (Hits: 276)    
University of Texas Medical Branch NMR Center (Hits: 354)    
University of Ulm, Division for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Hits: 447)    
University Utrecht Department of NMR Spectroscopy (Hits: 413)    
Wageningen NMR Center (Hits: 401)    
Yale University Yale MR Research Center (Hits: 358)