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C C L.net Computational Chemistry List (Hits: 1011)    
CCP3 CCP3- Computational studies of surfaces (Hits: 1299)    
CCP5 Computer simulation of condensed phases (Hits: 927)    
CCP6 CCP6 is interested in all aspects of Molecular Quantum Dynamics (Hits: 931)    
CCPQ Continuum states of atoms and molecules (Hits: 895)    
ChemWeb Archive The Archive of this mailing list (Hits: 929)    
CMBI Centre for Molecular and Biomolecular Informatics (Hits: 911)    
NMR-SHARC NMR-SHARC is a cooperative, platform independent, program independent archving system for ab initio NMR chemical shift calculations (Hits: 1451)    
Universität Ulm Arbeitsgruppe Chemieinformationssysteme (Hits: 641)    
University of Arizona CGF - Computer and Graphics Facility (Hits: 738)    
Vladimir A. Fock .. School for Quantum and Computational Chemistry (Hits: 1288)