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Analytical Chemistry Web Resources Analytical Chemistry Resources and databases for research, teaching, health and sasety as well as laboratory management (Hits: 1683)    
ANALYTIK-NEWS Das Portal fürs Labor mit tagesaktuellen Meldungen, Stellenangeboten, Newsletter, Linksammlung u.v.m. (Hits: 1108)    
ASDL The Analytical Sciences Digital Library collects, catalogs, annotates and links peer-reviewed web-based educational resources and publishes the online journal, JASDL. (Hits: 904)    
Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (Hits: 1506)    
Chemische-Analysen.de Das kostenlose Adressbuch der Analysenlabors und ihrer Zulieferer. (Hits: 1320)    
Colrado State University Central Instrumentation Facilities (Hits: 490)    
CPACT The Centre for Process Analytics and Control Technology (CPACT) is a unique multidisciplinary Centre formed in July 1997 through the Foresight Challenge initiative. CPACT brings together chemical and process engineers, analytical chemists, control systems engineers, chemometricians, signal processing engineers, and statisticians, from academia and industry, to research solutions to generic problems in process monitoring and control. (Hits: 1543)    
Encyclopedia of Analytical Instrumentation (Hits: 6293)    
EURACHEM/CITAC Guide Quantifying Uncertainty in Analytical Measurement (Hits: 958)    
European chemical Substances Information System ESIS is a complex, heterogeneous information system which provides information on chemicals. (Hits: 184)    
European Molecular Biology Laboratory Carlomagno Group (Hits: 220)    
fieldspectroscopy.com a comprehensive resource and forum for the remote sensing community and field spectroscopy users of all levels and disciplines. The goal is to make this site the most inclusive clearing house of relevant information available, with links to organizations, journals, white papers and abstracts, conferences and exhibitions, funding resources, and much more (Hits: 1722)    
Filtraguide The Filtration and Separation Portal (Hits: 955)    
Iowa State University Chemical Instrumentation Facility (Hits: 756)    
Johannes Kepler Universität Linz Institut für Chemie - Bereich Analytische Chemie (Hits: 710)    
Omsk State University Division of Analytical Chemistry and Petrochemistry (Hits: 618)    
Palacky University Olomouc Department of Analytical Chemistry (Hits: 514)    
Photometrie Kompendium Angebot der GIT (Hits: 92)    
QUIRA: Instrumentelle Prozessanalytik mittels NIR- QUIRA - Die Instrumentelle Prozessanalytik gewinnt immer mehr an Bedeutung. In vielen Fällen lassen sich solche Automatisierungssysteme sehr effizient mittels NIR-Spektroskopie verwirklichen. (Hits: 732)    
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen Analytical Chemistry/Chemomtrics (Hits: 205)    
SeparationsNOW The new online resource serving the separations community (Hits: 477)    
Spec-online Eine interessante Startseite für IR, NMR und MS. (Hits: 643)    
TU Wien Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics (Hits: 667)    
Uni Tübingen Group Optical Spectroscopy (Prof. Gauglitz) (Hits: 678)    
Universidad de Granada Analytical Chemistry (Hits: 683)    
Universität Ulm Institut für Analytische und Bioanalytische Chemie (Hits: 678)    
University of Arizona Center for Gas-Phase Electron Spectroscopy (Hits: 629)    
University of Graz Analytical Chemistry (Hits: 616)    
University of Turin Analytical Chemistry Department (Hits: 750)